Cyberloafing, and when it’s especially hard to resist

Have you even spent work or study time surfing the web for your personal interests?  That’s cyberloafing  and if you’ve been doing more of it this week, you’re not alone. “The switch to  Daylight Savings Time (DST)  results in a dramatic increase in cyberloafing behavior at the national [US] level.”  Researchers used Google’s archival data (via Google Insights for Search)  to compare the number of searches in Google’s “Entertainment” category made before and after the change to Daylight Savings Time. Read the complete article here:

Wagner, D. T., Barnes, C. M., Lim, V. G., & Ferris, D. (2012). Lost Sleep and Cyberloafing: Evidence From the Laboratory and a Daylight Saving Time Quasi-Experiment. Journal Of Applied Psychology, doi:10.1037/a0027557

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